• The apparatus allows the reeling of hanks with pre selected length. Specially for reeling directly from a bobbin car, as usual in chemical fiber plants, where the weight of yarn package is approx. 10-20 kg.
  • The yarn threading into the apparatus is: From the bobbin car the yarn is passing either directly to the wrap reel , or the yarn is passing a creel before entering the wrap reel.
  • The creel is in our delivery not included. It is manufactured by the customer, in accordance with the dimensions of the bobbin cars.
Technical Data
  Power Supply   220 Volt,50Hz, one phase, other voltage can be supplied on request
  Swift circumference   1 meter
  Rotational speed   150 rpm
  Traverse motion   25 mm
  Number of yarns Ends or positions   Depending on the requirements of customer, e.g. on thru number of
  yarn package on one side of the bobbin car : 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 or 16
  or 20.
  Width of the swift   Up to 12 ends = 260 mm.
  16 and 20 ends =520 mm
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