Specification : Mechanical & Digital Hand Tachometers

Type ZA / ZB / ZC : these chronometric Speed counters count the revolutions during a period of 3sec. The result is integrated to 1min. Non-magnetic movement, aluminum housing

  Measuring ranges   0-10,000 /min 0-1,000m/min   0-1000 /min 0-1,00m/min   0-100/min 0-10m/min.
   of scale   70mm   70mm   70mm
  Accuracy   2/min. 0.2 m/min   0.2/min. 0.02 m/min   0.02/min. 0.002 m/min
  Weight   450g   450g   7450g

Accessories for Tachometers
  Standard Accessories for ZA/ZB/ZC   case,1 rubber tip (S) ,funnel (H),
  1 rubber measuring wheel 10cm (G)
  Additional Std. Accessories for ZA/ZB   grooved measuring wheel 10cm (N)
  Special accessories for type ZC   grooved measuring wheel 10cm (N)
  Special accessories for type ZA/ZB/ZC   special adapter type U
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