Ranges : RTD-100 to+500C,0-100C,0-200C
Thermocouple Cr./Al 0-100C,0-200C,0-400C,0-800C,0-1000C,0-1150C
Input : RTD PT-100 or Cr./Al Thermocouple
Display : 3.5 digit LCD. Weak Battery Indication:"LO BAT" indication on display.
Resolution : 1C(0.1C upto 200C optional)
Accuracy : Better than+-1% of the full scale
Response time of Instrument : Less than 1sec
Ambient Compensation : Automatic Power: 1 No. 9V battery.
Dimensions : 165(L)x68(W)x28(H) mm
Weight : Appx. 250 gms with case.

Laser Sighting, Adjustable Emissivity, Datalogger
Take fast, easy and safe temperature measurements with the IR Infrared Thermometers. The IR400-1 offers single point laser sighting and a fixed emissivity at 0.95 to accurately measure concrete, asphalt, rubber and oxidized metals. Models IR600-1 and IR700-1 combine advanced infrared technology with powerful optics to take non contact temperature measurements of the most demanding applications. Model IR600-1 offers a 30:1 distance to target ratio while Model IR700-1 offers a ratio of 50:1. The 4-digit backlit LCD displays the current temperature readings as well as the minimum, maximum, differential as average temperatures. Both models feature a bright single point laser sighting, and 12-point data logging capability. All Series IR offer selectable F or C and include a hard carrying.

Accuracy : 1% or 2F (1C) whichever is greater.
Emissivity : 0.95 fixed or adjustable.
Distance-to-Target Size Ratio : See table on "Ordering" page.
Laser Classification Single Point : 1 mW, meets FDA Class II requirements.
Display : 4-digit.
Resolution : 0.5F (0.2C)
Response Time : 500 ms.
Ambient Operating Temp : 32 to 150F (0 to 50C), 10-95% RH.
Power Requirements : One 9V alkaline battery or NiCad Battery
Average Battery Life : Approximately 10 hours with laser and backlight on.
Repeatability : 0.5% of reading or 2F (1C) whichever is greater.
Spectral Response : 8 to 14m.
Weight : 11 oz (320 g).
Agency Approvals : CE.
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