The Rishikesh hardness tester with constant pressure is available in three different designs. Contrary to the known hand-hardness-tester you reach with all 3 types of constant pressure on the surface of the test specimen due to spring loaded supported outer ring. On testing the hardness the working face of the hardness-tester is pressed without shock until it is freely supported.

The pressing hand may only touch the outer ring. 3 seconds after the working face comes into contact with the test specimen the hardness cab be read. The covered distance of the Indentation ball is proportional to the hardness and is transmitted to a hundred piece round scale..

  Scale Diameter   56mm   56mm   56mm
  Pressing Force by means of the spring loaded outer ring.   12.5N   12.5N   50N
  Measuring Spring force   0.55- 8.065N   0.55-8.065N   0.98-44.5N
  Range of reading   0-100   0-100   0-100
  Working radius   55mm   16mm
  Indentation ball dia.   0-2.5mm   0-2.5mm   0-2.5mm
  Weight   310 g   310 g   310 g
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