The expanding use of chemical fibers and yarns in the textile industry aggravated certain manufacturing process. Static developed in processing created looping problems. Strength of yarn and fiber made removal difficult. The use of knives and other tools proved to be dangerous for personnel and highly detrimental to machinery. This led to concept of AIR KNIFE.

  • Cuts with hot air.
  • Saves valuable parts from getting damaged.
  • Non destructive method of working.
  • Band type and straight nozzle changeable to reach inner cutting.
  • Cuts faster then knife.
  • Maintenance is easy with AIR KNIFE.
  • Electronic controller for heater.
   AK 200 AK 300
  Element   1500 watts   2500 watts
  PSI   30   55
  Supply Voltage   20 - 250 V AC
  50 - 60 Hz
  220 - 250 V AC
  50 - 60 Hz
  Air Supply   Outside Source
  (Can be provided with Compressor )
  Build-in Compressor
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